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Last updated  Feb 2014
Self-Esteem Activities
Body Beautiful
1. Draw or copy an outline of a body
2. Add positive comments on each part of the body 
Example of Body Beautiful 
Happy Place 
1. Draw a place that makes you happy
2. Write inside the drawing all this things that make you happy until the
    Place is bursting with happy thoughts
3. When you feel bad look at or go to your happy place

You can read more  about self esteem in books such as :

Think Good -  Feel Good by Paul Stallard,

104 Activities that Build: Self Esteem ... Self Discovery & Coping Skills by Alanna Jones,  

Helping Children Build Self Esteem by Deborah Plummer,

Self Esteem by Gael Lindenfield, and many others.

Also Internet  sources such as Wikipedia,  and other encyclopaedia references.